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Michelle brings a personal story, hope, laughter, and engagement to every presentation and training.  Attendees will remember, and be more likely to put into practice what they take away from the presentation or training.  

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Mental Health Summit 2017 Madison, WI Breakout Session

Mental Illness and Transition

A group of special education teachers of transition aged students.

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 "Moving and eye opening!"  Sarah Mondovi, WI 


 "Your honesty, courage, and strength were inspiring!  You are an amazing parent, educator, advocate, and I love how you share your good works with others and Let Your Light Shine!"  Debbie, New Richmond, WI  


 "Very personal and heartfelt - the best and most informative presentation on mental health I've been to." 

Keynote Address Evaluation:

Responses to the evaluation question "What will I do differently as a result of the information I received in this presentation?"

  • Trying to be more proactive & respond appropriately when symptoms are observed
  • Mentally evaluate others & figure out how I can help movement/simple smile goes a long way
  • The presenter was speaking about things I have personally experienced but gave me tools to better explain these experiences to others and to advocate effectively for any child, and help other families to advocate for theirs
  • Be more aware/mindful of these issues when interacting with student behaviors
  • Limiting work for students w/anxiety and teach coping strategies
  • Provide more support to individuals. Realized families really don’t have much support as I thought
  • The information Michelle shared was amazing. She was a great speaker.
  • So much great information. Thank you for sharing your message and also for providing the PowerPoint for us to refer to later. Your personal story really resonated with me and gave me hope.
  • Share info with other teachers & parents. Explain that 1 in 4 adults have mental health issues.
  • Gain better perspective of mental illness & how to address certain situations maybe different
  • Check out some of the resources I was given
  • Be more aware, more patient
  • Use several of the strategies that were suggested to reach people that have emotional/mental Illness ~ great presenter
  • Be proactive
  • Not use metal health as an excuse, but keep in mind when looking at student concerns
  • I plan to use a greater awareness of mental illness to be more supportive of my students
  • Lots of great info things I didn’t know about mental health Thank you for sharing your information
  • Listen more—think about wording
  • Don’t judge someone based on how they grew up…be supportive & listen to everyone’s needs
  • Look for reasons not at behaviors
  • So educational!!
  • Reach out more to all people. I have teenagers that are/have mental health issues. Medication that is prescribed to be dispense of needs to be handled differently. The pharmacies do not dispose of
  • Good presentation. Thanks for sharing your personal story & giving us a good perspective of how many people suffer from MH. I will use this in my career
  • Take time to clearly listen to the response when I ask “How are you doing?”
  • Think about “how would I help/support/react if this was a physical diagnosis/illness?” 
  • Encourage consumers to let their light shine
  • Look at others differently
  • It was really great insight into depression and how it is not supported like other physical illnesses
  • Take into consideration that others with mental illness need help as those who have cancer—but don’t get the support. Be more aware!
  • Use handouts to educate others—better wording in my reports to be positive
  • Don’t judge..help and listen more. Be more active to help when I see warning signs
  • Don’t judge and always listen
  • Make connections—work together with colleagues to support student’s needs.
  • Not judge to have compassion & listen. More awareness of signs/symptoms of mental health in kids/adults


 A baseline price for being a Keynote Speaker and/or providing training is $500-$1000 per hour depending on the location.   However, depending on your organization's budget this is negotiable.